Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for offers of atempo GmbH

The Terms and Conditions
for offers of atempo GmbH
are written in easy-to-read,
to make it easier for everyone
to understand and read them.


Contact details:

atempo GmbH
Heinrichstraße 145
8010 Graz
Telephone Number: 0043 316 81 47 16-0
email address: atempo.graz@nueva-network.corpweb.acdn.at

1. What are atempo offers?

atempo offers in different areas.

The atempo offers from capito make our environment freely accessible.
With capito offers you get for example

  • Information that is easy to read and to understand.
  • Houses and facilities that can be used barrier-free.

The services offered by capito are for example

  • Translations of difficult texts into easy-to-read (Leicht Lesen)
  • Accessibility checks of houses, facilities and websites
  • Consulting and training

capito Graz offers such services.
capito Graz is a division of atempo GmbH.

The atempo services of Bildung (education) help people with learning difficulties and disabilities to better participate in society.
With Bildung, for example, they receive offers:

  • Training and job coaching to get a job on the first labour market,
  • Training to work better with computers and new computer programs.

The services offered by Bildung are for example

  • Training and assistance in entering a profession
  • Course offers for the use of new electronic media and devices
  • Training courses for people with learning difficulties and disabilities in the use of computers

Bildung offers such services.
Bildung is a division of atempo GmbH.

2. What do these terms and conditions say?

These terms and conditions contain all the rules
for the purchase of atempo offers at atempo GmbH.
Other rules apply only then,
when they are written down.

You must read these terms and conditions,
before buying an atempo product at atempo GmbH
or enter an order for an atempo service.

3. How do you place an order for an atempo service?

You ask atempo GmbH for a written offer.
The offer includes

  • what services atempo offers you exactly
  • what these services cost
  • which value added tax (VAT) is to be paid
  • how long the offer is valid for you.

If you agree with the offer
you place an order with atempo GmbH.
Send a letter or an email.
You can also simply sign the offer and send it back.

If the offer contains several different proposals,
you must clearly mark the proposal
for which you place the order.

The atempo GmbH sends you a confirmation
and make a schedule with you for your order.

During the cooperation
you can also additionaly order other services.
Then the new request for the order is written
and the price recalculated.

4. What if you don't like the offer?

If you do not agree with the offer,
then don't place an order.
The atempo GmbH will not work for you then.

Sometimes our offer includes ideas and suggestions for your project.
These ideas and suggestions belong to atempo GmbH.
If you do not place an order,
you may not use the ideas and suggestions from the offer.

5. When do you have to pay?

atempo GmbH will send you an invoice,
when the job is done.
The invoice states when you must pay.
You pay the price stated in the order.
You also pay value added tax (VAT).

However, atempo GmbH can also demand partial payments.
Then you must pay a part earlier.
atempo GmbH does not work any further,
if you don't pay the money.

Even if you are not satisfied with your work,
you will have to pay the whole bill.

6. What can you do if you are not satisfied?

You send a letter, fax or email to atempo GmbH.
In it you explain what does not work
or what you are not satisfied with.
You have a maximum of 4 weeks to do this.
The atempo GmbH will then get in touch with you.
Then we discuss together,
what atempo GmbH can do better.

atempo GmbH may improve twice.
That means:
If, after the first attempt at improvement
you are still not satisfied,
or the atempo product is still not working,
then you will contact us again.
atempo GmbH improves your product a second time.

7. What if there is any damage?

atempo GmbH is not responsible for every damage.
It is only to blame for damage,

  • if atempo GmbH caused the damage on purpose.
  • or if the damage was caused because atempo GmbH didn't put enough effort into your product.

Then atempo GmbH must pay for the damage.
But atempo GmbH never has to pay more money,
than what you would have paid for the order.

8. What about data protection?

The 'atempo Group' - that is atempo Betriebs-GmbH, CFS - Consulting, Franchise & Sales GmbH. and the Verein atempo -
complies with the legal regulations for data protection.
Only the employees of the atempo Group,
may see your data and information.
This does not apply to data and information about you,
that you yourself or others have made public.

We process your data only
if you agree to it.
You have given your consent.
For example, if you have given a declaration of consent.

Or you have concluded a contractual agreement with us
and we need your information to fulfill our obligations.

You can read more in our privacy policy,
how we use your data.
There you will also find everything about your rights.
You can find our privacy policy on the atempo website:

We process your data within the contractual agreement
or on the basis of any declarations of consent you may have given.
All information about the use of your data
as well as your rights (rights of the affected person)
are included in the atempo Group's privacy policy,
which can be called up at any time at www.atempo.at/en/privacy-policy.

9. What about copyrights?

When a person does something new,
or comes up with a new thing,
this person is the "creator".
The word "creator" also applies to a company.

These new things can be, for example:

  • Photos, graphics and images
  • Articles, Lectures, Texts and Layouts
  • Concepts, checklists, methods, ideas and inventions

When atempo GmbH or CFS GmbH make a product for you,
then atempo GmbH is the "creator".
You may use the product and use it for yourself.
This means: You have the "right of use".
However, you have the right of use only for yourself.
You cannot pass on the right of use to others.
And you may not use parts of the product or the whole product
for other things.
For example, copy graphics from the product
and insert it into another product.

10. Which law and which court apply?

atempo GmbH is an Austrian company.
Austrian law applies.

If atempo GmbH and you cannot reach an agreement,
then you or atempo GmbH can go to court.
The court will then decide who is right.
The court for working with atempo GmbH is in Graz, Austria.

11. Since when are these terms and conditions valid?

These terms and conditions have been valid since 1 February 2015.

Contact details:

atempo GmbH
Heinrichstraße 145
8010 Graz
Telephone number: 0043 316 81 47 16-0
email address: atempo.graz@nueva-network.corpweb.acdn.at